River Drava Cycle Trail Full Route: Toblach ‒ (Varaždin) Legrad

August 15, 2020 · Community
Can someone explain please the way how the distance and the altitudes are calculated? The website indicates 510km, 1684 climbing and 2769 descending meters... When I just count the etappes this results in 450km, 2444cl and 3442desc meters. As a professional website at least this should be correct, if not, there should be an explanation explaining the difference

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Answered by Paco Wrolich · August 15, 2020 · Kärnten
The difference of the missing kilometers is because of the 60km distance from Varazdin to Legrad. We choose Varazdin because of the connection back to Austria. There is no direct connection with train or bus from Legrad back to Austria. Train gos back from Varazdin. This is the reason for the missing k‘s
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