ST23 AAT: Kranjska Gora - Trenta

August 13, 2022 · Community

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Answered by Bazni tabor / Base Camp · August 13, 2022 · Community
No, dear Christina, this building is not at the beginning of the stage. If you mean the AAT stage Kranjska Gora-Trenta, you pass this bulding when ascending (it's the Russian chapel and it's wooden, not rusty). But if you mean the beginning of Juliana Trail, you start it in the centre of Kranjska Gora and it runs in the opposite direction, so you don't pass the chapel. Kind regards, Boštjan from Base Camp
Answered by Martin Marktl  · February 19, 2023 · Community
Photo: Martin Marktl, Community
Answered by Bazni tabor / Base Camp · February 19, 2023 · Community
Hi Martin, indeed long time no see:) But we see your endless hiking continues, all of our respect! Yes, you're right, there is a problem with these markings from Kranjska Gora. But you've got to find your way out of the centre of the town, towards Jasna Lake and further on to Krnica Valley and the source of Pišnica river. Once you enter the valley, the signposts and markings begin, so from there there's no problem finding the trail towards Vršič pass and further on into Trenta Valley. All the best to you, too, B&B
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