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This Data Protection Statement applies from 6 April 2009.


1. Data protection

1.1. Outdooractive GmH & Co. KG is responsible for the contents on outdooractive and for ensuring that user data is dealt with in a way which conforms to data protection law. The operators of outdooractive attach the utmost importance to providing users with honest and comprehensive information on how their data is handled. outdooractive complies precisely with all data protection laws and regulations, in particular with the German Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG), the German Data Protection Act (BDSG), the data protection provisions contained within §§85 ff of the German Telecommunications Act and legislative provisions enacted at EU level.

1.2. outdooractive is an Internet platform which acts in accordance with the following basic principles.

1.2.1. Editorial and commercial information are mixed with user information. Public user information includes such types of information as users’ own contents, comments and evaluations.

1.2.2. An indication of the source from which information originates is always provided.

1.2.3. Users publish information in order to make it available to other Internet users.

1.2.4. Within their protected area, users have control over their data and contents and are able to decide freely which of their data they wish to publish. Users can also retract the publication of personal data at any time. Publication of other information such as tours and images can no longer be withdrawn by the user insofar as such information has already been used in another place or commented upon by other users.

1.2.5. Personal data of users is initially only displayed within the private area and only displayed in the area where registration is required and in some cases in the public area once authorisation has taken place.

1.2.6. In the area where registration is required, outdooractive is also a social network which operates on the principle that users act to a limited extent in mutually exchanging useful and relevant information about themselves, establishing contacts, leading discussions, forming groups and transmitting messages to one another.

1.3. In accordance with the tenet that the gathering of data should be minimised and avoided where possible, data is only collected when required for the desired purpose of the user and/or in circumstances where users voluntarily state information.

1.4. Information which cannot be directly linked with the identity of the user, such as data regarding frequently visited pages or the number of visitors to a page, is not deemed to be personal data.

1.5. The following personal data is collected.

1.5.1. No personal data is collected from users merely downloading information. Only the abridged IP address of the visitor is recorded, from which no personally related information can be obtained.

1.5.2. When registration takes place, mandatory information to be supplied: first name and surname, gender, e-mail address, a user name which users may select themselves and password.

1.5.3. Further personal information voluntarily provided such as date of birth, postal address, telephone number, hobbies etc. All users may decide for themselves whether such data (date relating to the user’s private sphere) is released and may also rescind this decision at any time.

1.5.4. Personal data apart from user name is only released publicly and displayed to other portal users if authorised by the user.

1.5.5. Notwithstanding this, we wish to take this opportunity to point out that no system in the world is impenetrable, despite all the care which may have been taken and all the security measures which may have been instigated. Skilled and criminally inclined hackers will always find a way of accessing confidential and secured data.

1.6. In addition to personal data, use-related data is also automatically stored in order to offer improved access to users and to use evaluations as a basis for enhancing the functions provided by outdooractive.

1.6.1. Information recorded includes the abridged IP address of the computer and the type and version of browser used. This enables data on user behaviour to be evaluated and information to be collected regarding such issues as which browser versions cause a particularly large number of errors on outdooractive and the distribution of languages. Such data is only used for legally permissible purposes.

1.6.2. Two types of cookie are used when visitors access outdooractive. Cookies are small text files which are stored on the hard disk of the user. Their purpose is to manage access to the outdooractive site and provide information which enable provision to be optimised in line with user requirements. Session cookies are files which are deleted when users close their browser after ending an Internet session. Permanent cookies are files to which an expiry date has been attached and which remain stored on the hard disk of the computer for this period of time. These cookies are not deleted until they have expired or until the user takes appropriate action.

1.6.3. The settings of most Internet browsers enable the saving of cookies to be prevented if users so wish. If cookies are deactivated, a number of the functions of outdooractive will not be available to users.

1.6.4. Cookies also store information such as registration details once these have been confirmed by the user. This makes the log-on process more convenient. Important: do not in any circumstances store cookies on computers which are not secure, such as on computers in an Internet café or on a computer which is used by several people and is not password protected. This gives rise to the risk of authorised access and misuse of data.

1.6.5. Cookies from outdooractive may be stored either by outdooractive itself or by third parties such as cooperation or advertising partners. Cookies from third parties also serve the purpose of improving provision by managing the display of relevant offers based on user behaviour.

1.6.6. During the Internet session, data from the individual pages are temporarily stored together with entries the user makes in order to provide such facilities as the “Back” function of the browser.

1.7. outdooractive uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, text files which are stored on your computer and which enable an analysis to be conducted of your use of the website. The information which the cookie generates on your use of the website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the USA, where it is stored. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website in order to compile activity reports for the website operators and to provide further services associated with use of the website and use of the Internet. Google may also transmit this information to third parties insofar as this is statutorily stipulated or to the extent that third parties are processing this data on behalf of Google. In no circumstances will Google link your IP address with other data it holds. Although you may block the installation of cookies by using the relevant settings in your browser software, we wish to point out that you may not be able to take advantage of the full range of all functions on this website if you do so. In using this website, you confirm that you agree that data collected about you may be used in the manner described above and for the purpose stated above. You may object to data collection and storage by Google at any time and block such collection and storage in future (see: We would also like to point out that this website uses Google Analytics in conjunction with the “_anonymizeIp()” parameter. This means that IP addresses are only used in abbreviated form in order to exclude any possibility of personal identification.

1.8. Data from other users is stored when users avail themselves of messaging functions in the Community Area. This involves such actions as entering the e-mail addresses and names of acquainted persons in order to send such persons a recommendation or invitation. Such storage permits functions such as checking whether the recommendation function has been successful or whether outdooractive newsletters have been sent to the acquainted persons. Acquainted persons may apply for removal from the outdooractive database.

2. Use of data


2.1. With the exception of the user name, all personal data saved on outdooractive by the user is only displayed publicly with the authorisation of the user.

2.2. outdooractive mainly uses profile information to display such information to other users once authorisation has been given. A differentiation is made between the public area of the website, which may be viewed without registering, and the Community Area, which is only accessible following registration.

2.2.1. In the public area, only a minimum amount of information is displayed, such as user name, surname, first name, image and the contents which the user has published.

2.2.2. In the area reserved for registered users, expanded profile information is displayed if authorised by the user. This area also offers filter and search enquiries to facilitate the establishment of mutual contact between users. Contact enquiries may be accepted or refused by the user.

2.3. outdooractive uses the e-mail address of the user or the messaging function on the portal to provide the user with information of interest. Although users may always block messages by using the settings page in the profile, outdooractive reserves the right to continue to send messages which are relevant to user accounts.

2.4. The area of the outdooractive site where registration is required is managed and moderated by outdooractive administrators in order to ensure that users are not faced with unlawful contents. These staff members may view all personal data, including a user’s IP address, where circumstances justify such a step. Users have agreed to these conditions of use when registering. Staff accorded these special rights are, however, held in particular trust by outdooractive and are obliged to maintain an enhanced degree of secrecy.

2.5. If users order a product and/or a service from a cooperation or advertising partner of outdooractive, data is transmitted to the partner concerned by outdooractive for such purposes as facilitating access, pre-entering address data for orders or subscribing to newsletters.

2.6. outdooractive prepares anonymised data from the personal data of users in order to generate statistical evaluations such as socio-demogarphic distribution of users and users’ navigation behaviour on the Internet site. This anonymised data can no longer be related to individual persons. The data is used to improve the provision of outdooractive and its cooperation and advertising partners.

2.7. No personal data is passed on to third parties by outdooractive without the agreement of the user.

2.8. All users have the right to request outdooractive to provide information about personal data stored on them free of charge. Such a request must be made to outdooractive in writing and must provide evidence of legitimacy of the enquiry in the form of a copy of the user’s ID card.

3. Data security


3.1. Users’ personal data is encrypted when being transmitted to the servers of outdooractive. This is indicated by the SSL symbol on the entry forms. The tried and tested and certified Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL) is used.

3.2. Outdooractive’s data is stored by a professional Internet provider in Germany. Servers are secured via state-of-the-art access controls and firewall systems to ensure that unauthorised access, viewing, saving or manipulation of the data is impossible. All instances of accesses are protocolled.

3.3. Notwithstanding this, users should be aware that no absolutely secure protection against attacks on secure data systems can be guaranteed due to the constant emergence of new viruses and other means of attack.


4. Privacy Statement for mobile applications of ALPSTEIN Tourismus GmbH & Co. KG

4.1 We collect, use and store your personal data exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Below we will inform about the type, scope and purpose of the data collection and use.

4.2 No device information or location-based data is transmitted or evaluated in the apps of ALPSTEIN Tourismus GmbH & Co. KG. When using map data within the apps, the IP address, date and time of the request are collected, processed and used in order to prevent data abuse. The collected data is not stored persistently. We do not match the collected data to individuals. The usage of the apps is, however, recorded anonymously: the number of views of the content in the outdooractive platform inside the platform is counted and analysed statistically.

4.3 Note: written permission to the user's own contacts is needed by the apps for adding POI's (Points of Interest) – addresses.
Read permission within user’s own contacts have those apps containing the "emergency" function.

4.4 If apps include the "outdooractive community" function, the corresponding points of the outdooractive Privacy Policy apply in addition.

4.5 We use conversion tracking to measure how effectively our marketing efforts are leading people to install our mobile apps. For this, we sometimes implement tracking codes from third parties. Those are used to attribute an app installation to a download source. No additional personal data will be collected, stored or processed.

5. Contact

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